Wink Reports provides a connector to Xero which allows for Xero data to be included on your reports.

Follow these steps to connect your Xero account to Wink Reports.

1. Select your Wink Reports ;) profile menu drop-down

2. Click on the Setup Connectors option

 3. Find  the Xero connector for your organisation and click on "Connect Now"

 4. The Xero -> Wink Reports connector screen will be displayed. Choose whether to include Payroll data then click the Connect to Xero button. Enter your Xero account Email address and Password then click the Login button

5. Xero will prompt you to choose which Organisation your want to provide access for. Once you've selected the correct Xero organisation, click the Authorise button and you will be redirected back to Wink Reports with confirmation that your Xero account is successfully connected

6. Your Xero data is now available to be included on your Wink Reports

 7. To remove or forget your Xero connection, follow steps 1 - 3 above and click the Forget this connection button