Wink Reports provides a connector to Hubspot which allows for Hubspot data to be included on your reports.

Follow these steps to connect your Hubspot account to Wink Reports.

1. Select your Wink Reports ;) profile menu drop-down

2. Click on the Setup Hubspot option

3. Click the Manage button next to the Wink Reports Organisation that you wish to connect Hubspot for

4. The Hubspot -> Wink Reports connector screen will be displayed. Enter your Hubspot Portal ID then click the Save button

5. Once saved, you then need to click the Connect Now button which will load the Hubspot authorisation screen. Enter your Email Address and Password then click the Log In button (if prompted) and then click the Authorize button

6. Upon successful authentication, you will be returned to Wink Reports with confirmation that your Hubspot account is successfully connected


7. Your Hubspot data is now available to be included on your Wink Reports

8. To remove or forget your Hubspot connection, follow steps 1 - 3 above and click the Forget this connection button