Wink Reports provides a connector to WorkflowMax which allows for WorkflowMax data to be included on your reports.

Follow these steps to connect your WorkflowMax account to Wink Reports.

1. Select Setup Connectors from the profile menu drop-down in the top-right of screen.

2. Find WorkflowMax in the connector list and click Connect Now.

3. The WorkflowMax connector screen will be displayed. Enter your API Key and Account Key.

To find your keys, see this article:


4. Follow the Report User Setup instructions. This will involve adding a staff member to your WorkflowMax account with a special name. Wink Reports will use this staff account to create and run special reports inside WorkflowMax.

If you skip this step, Wink Reports will only be able to report on a small subset of your WorkflowMax information. 

Use the "Check Now" link to check if the staff member has been setup correctly.

5. Click Save, and you're done!