Wink has two permission levels available when inviting a user to an organisation: Admin and User.

Admin Users

Users with Admin access have full permision for this organisation. This includes inviting other users/admins, full dashboard and report editing priveleges, and deleting the organisation.

Regular Users

Regular users (who have been invited using role 'User') have access to most features, with a few exception:

  • Users cannot invite other users, or remove the access of other users
  • Users can view but not create/edit dashboards that are "for all users in the organisation". They can create dashboards for their own private use.
  • Users can create/edit/delete their own reports, but cannot edit or remove a report created by another user
  • Users can view but not edit connections to apps

Hierarchy Permissions

Where an organisation is part of a larger structure and set up as a hierarchy in Wink Reports, user permissions flow from the parent organisation to any children. Users that only have access to a child organisation will not be able to see the parent organisation or any of the sibling organisations.

If a user has Admin permission on the parent / head office organisation, they will also have Admin permissions on all child organisations.

If a user has User permission on the parent / head office organisation, they will have User permission for the children.

A User from the parent organisation can be given the Admin role on a single child organisation by specially inviting the user to that child organisation and granting the Admin role. This will override the User role inherited from the parent organisation.