Wink Reports provides a connector to simPRO which allows for simPRO data to be included on your reports.

Follow these steps to connect your simPRO account to Wink Reports.

1. Select your Wink Reports ;) profile menu drop-down

2. Click on the Setup Connectors option

3. Find  the simPRO connector for you organisation and click on "Connect Now"

4. The simPRO -> Wink Reports connector screen will be displayed. Enter your simPRO web address URL and then click the Save button:


Use the full url you use then connecting to simPRO including the "https://" at the start. The system will check the value, so if you enter it incorrectly it will prompt you to try again until successful.

5. You will be redirected to the simPRO website and prompted to log in. (if you're already logged in with your browser you will skip this step and go straight to the next). Enter your simPRO credentials and log in.

6. After logging in (or if you were already logged into simPRO) you will be asked to confirm that Wink Reports can access your simPRO instance. Select "yes":

7. Upon successful authentication, you will be returned to Wink Reports, and you'll see it briefly try to connect. If you only have one company in your simPRO account you should now be done. However if you have more than 1 company, then you need to select which one you want to use with Wink. Click on the "Select one now" link, or on the "Manage Settings" button:

Select one of the available options in the "Company to sync" field and click "Save".

8. Your simPRO data should start downloading. Note that it can take a very long time to sync large databases - most complete in a few hours, but it can take more than a day.

You can close your browser - it's not needed to stay open to complete the sync and you will receive an email once the initial sync is done. It is only the very first sync which takes a long time.

7. To remove or forget your simPRO connection, follow steps 1 - 3 above and click the Forget this connection button